The Movers and Shakers: Working Dads Employer Awards are being launched in 2022 by the Equal Parenting Project and Music Football Fatherhood, in order to celebrate the great work many organisations are doing in supporting fathers in the workplace. The awards also encourage employers to think more about what they do in this space and how they can better support fathers in the future to aid working families, attract and retain top talent, help close the gender pay gap and promote gender equality in the workplace. Partner organisations who have also been instrumental in bringing these awards to you include CBI, Business in the Community, Working Families, Global Equality Collective, Pregnant and Screwed, Fatherhood Institute, Future Men and the Medical Women’s Federation.

For the awards we have developed four key areas of focus based on existing research and common activity, which either represent best practice or areas where there is a need to drive improvement across the economy. Because we are trying to encourage positive activity, an applying organisation does not have to be excellent in all areas in order to be recognised through these awards. Organisations can be recognised for excellence in one area, such as flexible working, or they can be recognised for outstanding work across all four areas.